Project Manager for a mesh network installation covering over 45 miles of Coastal rail right-of-way.  Highly secure, encrypted  Strix mesh nodes deployed with solar panels as power backbone in remote areas along the rail line.  The system was built using COTS tools integrated with custom code and configuration provided by Datel Systems as the project integrator. Sophisticated network configuration allows for automatic connection and authentication of rail vehicles into a unified train mesh, and then the vehicle to connect to the trackside mesh backbone.


System is a 20 mbps environment, funded with 6 different funding sources across four years of capital investment.  The company was recognized by the industry – including the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Railroad Administration, and the Research and Innovative Technology Administration – for developing the sophisticated and functional system.

  • Project Budget:  $2.125 million over 4 years
  • Project Location:  North County Transit District
  • Technologies:  Mesh, Cisco, Strix, Mobotix, Sony, Hubner
  • Role:  Program Manager/CTO&CSO for NCTD