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Ecology.IT is now officially a “carbon balanced” company.  Through TerraPass, a company that specializes in carbon offset projects, ecology.IT has acquired carbon offsets for the business emissions that we generate.  While we constantly strive to minimize our carbon footprint, the nature of the technology consulting business is that we will create emissions, both through power consumption beyond that generated by renewable power sources and through our travel and operations.


Acquiring carbon offsets is no substitute for conservation efforts and efforts to reduce our carbon generation.  But offsets are part of our portfolio of investments to minimize the negative impacts of our business operations.  We specifically say “carbon balanced business” rather than “neutral” because our business operations are simply not neutral.  While we have acquired offsets against our estimated carbon footprint, we do still generate emissions.


TerraPass meets all of our required standards for carbon offset acquisition, including independent audit and verification of their projects, investments in projects that are currently in process, and they perform projects that have immediate carbon reductions through implementation.


We are proud to be a TerraPass carbon balanced business partner.