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I am happy to say that as of today ecology.IT is an APTA Sustainability Commitment Signatory.  This is the first in a series of steps toward creating a sustainability plan for the consultancy.  As part of this commitment, we are implementing the following practices for the company:


  • We commit to be a paperless office whenever possible.
  • When we are required to print, we will use paper with 100% post-consumer recycled content.
  • Our website will always be 100% solar power driven.
  • ecology.IT will participate in community events to further sustainability initiatives at the local level.
  • ecology.IT will actively participate in the APTA Sustainability Committee
  • ecology.IT strives to be a zero-emission operation, and where this proves infeasible carbon offsets will be acquired


We look forward to creating our organization’s first Sustainability Report to APTA in June 2013.

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evWe completed our work with ECOtality this week and the new electric vehicle charging stations in Oceanside are now open.  The NC Times did an article about them today.


This was yet another overly-complicated project, proving to be far more challenging than we originally thought.  From permitting issues to politics, to fighting to sell the business case to allow these chargers to be free, this project seemed nearly doomed.


But fortunately for the San Diego EV community, they are now live and users can charge for free off of clean solar power.


Photo courtesy of the North County Times by photographer Hayne Palmour IV.

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nctimes-millerAs much as I am not happy with the photo, I am happy that the North County Times decided to feature my team in an article today.  The focus is on our sustainability and technology programs.  Thanks to Paul Sisson for the kind words.


In the background is our new solar installation at the Buena Creek SPRINTER station.  This is an exciting new technology by Uni-Solar called “photovoltaic laminate”.  Basically it is a flexible solar membrane-like material that can be glued down to the supporting structure.  It is highly durable – used by the military in harsh installation conditions.  It is not as efficient per square foot as other technologies, but we chose it to prove that solar can be installed in some pretty challenging environments.  You can read about the material here:  uni-solar_laminate.

Photo courtesy taken by Hayne Palmour IV

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I am happy to say that after many challenges, we were able to turn on the SPRINTER solar system today.This system was funded by the ARRA Transit Investments in Greenhouse Gas Reductions (TIGGER) grant.  It is approximately 225 kw, and should offset almost 30% of the power needs for the facility – which is a good thing as the SPRINTER Maintenance facility draws more power than any other site at NCTD.


This project ran into many complications, not the least of which was the need to repair the facility roof.  We could have made the decision to compromise on the quantity of panels at the facility, but I think we made the right choice to go ahead and fix a facility that is a mission-critical site for the agency.


We also faced the significant challenge of putting panels in an area that is designated as a bioswale for retention of water and prevention of nonpoint source pollution runoff.  In order to protect that purpose, we  had to replace the irrigation system and all of the vegetation with something more suitable to the new environmental conditions.  The added benefit is that is allows us to cut our water consumption by over 25% at the site.


I want to say a big thank you to Dan Harding and Seth Worden at Transit America, and to Josh Beeson at Martifer Solar.