Publications and Presentations

Articles discussing projects with former employers


Article:  ComputerworldData centers experiment with alternative power.”  2011

Written by John Brandon, the article describes the investment made at NCTD in a solar panel array to offset the power demands of the data center.




Article:  ComputerworldData centers experiment with new power sources.  Solar arrays, gas turbines and fuel cells are among the innovative options for powering data centers.”  2011.



Article:  Processor MagazineIs Your Data Center Ready for Alternative Power?”  2011





Articles written by Angela Miller

Article:  Transit California.  “NCTD launches public transit’s first green data center.  Ambitious project pays for itself through energy savings and still provides ample growth opportunity.”  2012



Article:  Carlsbad Business Journal.  “NCTD’s sustainable data center: A model for small business green IT.”  2010







Case Studies about Projects Managed by Angela Miller

Logicalis:  “North County Transit District and Logicalis Drive to build the First Mass Transit LEED Green Certified Interior Data Center in the U.S.


Oracle:  “NCTD Chooses Environmental Accounting and Reporting.”


Steve R. Romeo:  “The New Technology Paradigm.”  Featured as case study on green information technology in one chapter of the book.