It was very nice to see that my former employer won an award at Oracle’s OpenWorld for “Eco Innovation” this year. Many good advancements were made in the last 5 years while I was the CTO/CSO on the sustainability plan, from the installation of over 500 kW of renewable power, to changes in lighting and recycling, to the installation of the environment accounting tools to facilitate the Climate Registry, APTA, and federal reporting. So I was very happy to to see the accolade, and to see the Environmental Accounting and Reporting Program Manager Fred Knapp get to accept the award. Little transit District playing with the big boys like Hitachi Consulting, Schneider Electric, Korean Air, Infosys, and Ricoh once again.


It was a bittersweet moment, to know that the effort was being acknowledged while also knowing that I walked away from the program I created. You always hope that the program is more than the vision of one person and that the organization will continue to commit to the plan even after you leave. It will be interesting to see what happens with Sustainability and public transit in San Diego county in the next 5 years.