by Angela Miller
Apologies while I divert for a moment and show off one of my green-geek-toys:  my completely ridiculous electric bicycle.  This may seem a strange investment for someone who already owns a hybrid car and has a mere 15 miles to commute to the office. 

I completely embrace the fact that this is as my son says “gooby”.  I had grandiose plans of riding my regular bicycle either to the train station or all the way to the office, but after a couple of aborted trials I am free to admit that I am simply too out of shape for such folly.

But this bicycle makes me laugh as I ride.  My neighborhood is very hilly, but a little crank on my throttle and the little electric motor helps me to easily reach the tops of the hills.  And it folds – it folds!  It has been a great conversation starter on the train as it definitely looks different than your regular bike.

So while I am not likely to ride this everyday like a good eco-junkie would, I do think I’ll use it a couple of times a week down to my local SPRINTER light rail station.